Peacock Cider® is made with a vibrant blend of magnificent, freshly pressed apples.

Expertly crafted by premium cider producers and superb apple experts.

It has been inspired by the exotic wonders of Asia, providing a burst of refreshment from Jaipur to Jakarta.


fresh pressed apples help create this superb cider


is the amount of refreshing Peacock Cider you will consume before wanting to order another


is the alcohol by volume contained in this awesome alcoholic beverage

Pair Peacock Cider® with Asian food for the ultimate treat…

This Asian cider is a brilliant blend of culinary and traditional bittersweet cider apples. It has a gentle sweetness to balance the natural tartness of culinary apples, which aids in the matching of rich dishes and subtly softens the heat of chilli. The delicious bittersweet apples provide a dry finish that offers an ideal partnership for meat as well as bringing out the fantastic flavour of spices.

Introducing Peacock Mango & Lime Cider®…

Inspired by the exotic fruit of Asia, Peacock Mango & Lime is an exciting new variant of cider. The sweetness of the mango is perfectly balanced by the zesty lime to provide a burst of tropical refreshment from Kerala to Koh Samui.


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